belinda gosbee

actress. writer. voice artist.


full demo reel (2 min)

“The Look-See” - The first episode in this cult favorite series from Crypt TV with almost 10 million views. belinda gosbee as protagonist, Jenni.


voice over for Toyota’s “Start Your Impossible” olympic campaign, Australian & Asian Markets.

Park City Morning Show: Actress Belinda Gosbee talks about "Pineapple," her new series debuting at Sundance's Episodic Showcase.                          


launder man. a short horror from Crypt TV and writer/director landon stahmer

belinda gosbee's 'Best Actress' nominated characters from 'The Toscars' 2012-2016 #Comedy

assorted scenes from east stackton: official selection at the new orleans horror film festival.