belinda gosbee

actress. writer. voice artist.


jenny full scene (Guest Star - project not yet released)

deborah: audition scene

tanya: audition scene

voice over for Toyota’s “Start Your Impossible” olympic campaign, Australian & Asian Markets.

Comedy scene (not on main demo)

belinda gosbee's 'Best Actress' nominated characters from 'The Toscars' 2012-2016 #Comedy

assorted scenes from east stackton: official selection at the new orleans horror film festival.

“The Look-See” - First episode in the cult favorite series from Crypt TV (series has 25 million view).

Park City Morning Show: Actress Belinda Gosbee talks about "Pineapple," her new series debuting at Sundance's Episodic Showcase.

Belinda Gosbee talks about her role on Louisiana thriller, East Stackton.